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Never pay another DVD rewind fee again! Compatible with all disc formats: DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, CDR, CDRW, Audio CD, VCD. Multi-region, code-free rewinder capable of rewinding all 6 region DVD's including RCE/REA encoded discs. NOTE: this product is intended as a novelty. All disc and MP3 media are direct access and do not truly require "reqinding." However, it is very fun to hear the sounds, and watch the lights of this product. We have tested the DVD Rewinder with the next generation disc media including Blu-Ray®, and HD. The DVD Rewinder also works with Sony Playstation®, XBox®, and other disc based console system media.

We have very few left in stock and we do not plan to continue production after 2009.

Original DVD Rewinder
DVD Rewinder Image The DVD Rewinder works with all disc based digital media to provide optimized digital experience. Visual indicators blink and audible sounds are played while your digital media is "reversed". The DVD Rewinder also has a USB port for MP3 players and USB media. You can record your own sounds that play during rewind or use the digital recorder to store reminders. The storage box in the top provides you with a secret compartment for the little things in life.
DVD Rewinder T-Shirt
Tee Shirt Front Show the world that you will not stand for the tyranny of DVD Rewind fees anymore! This black T-Shirt comes with the DVD Rewinder logo on the front pocket and the the statement "Never Pay Another DVD Rewind Fee!" on the back.