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The DVD Rewinder supports all regions of DVDs, so you can be secure in your purchase that the DVD Rewinder will work anywhere in the world. The DVD Rewinder is based on the centripetal velocity engine which provides maximum throughput, stability, and digital retrogression. We have tested the DVD Rewinder with the next generation disc media including Blu-Ray®, and HD. The DVD Rewinder also works with Sony Playstation®, XBox®, and other disc based console system media.
Original DVD Rewinder

DVD Rewinder Image The DVD Rewinder is a novelty item only. Digital disc media does not really need to be "rewound". (BTW, neither does USB storage). The DVD Rewinder blinks and plays 2 different digital sounds while spinning a center spindle counter clockwise. The top of the DVD Rewinder houses a storage compartment.
DVD Rewinder T-Shirt
Tee Shirt Front What else? ... A t-shirt in various sizes. This black T-Shirt comes with the DVD Rewinder logo on the front pocket and the the statement "Never Pay Another DVD Rewind Fee!" on the back. Pretty straight forward. No, it does not come in any other colors, sorry.